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Exercise is important for maintaining both mental and physical health. Even though most people know the importance exercise, up to 73% of people who start an exercise plan do not stick to it. Several studies indicate that enjoying exercise is a primary factor to actually sticking to an exercise plan. If you can’t stick to a plan, chances are it’s not a perfect for you! Different people like different workouts. Ready for something new? Try out these workouts based off your personality type.

Stress Bunny – Boxing

Work, relationships, and pretty much anything can push you over the edge. While you can’t take your frustration out on your boss, you can take your anger out on a heavy bag! Boxing and Mixed-Martial Arts classes have exploded across the country, allowing participants to release frustrations and get a killer workout to boot. Several commercial gyms offer beginner classes. If you love the beginner classes and are ready to get serious about MMA, kick it up a notch and go to a specialized gym. Check out for a pass to try out several gyms in your area.

Go-Getter – Yoga

With everything in life moving so quickly, you need a workout that will pull you back to reality. Consider Yoga or Pilates to calm down you mind and recharge for the next day of crazy. Boutique yoga classes can get expensive, so save money and time by trying testing out a YouTube Yoga Channel. There are several free Yoga videos online that can help release stress, ease tight muscles, or test your strength like never before!

Social Butterfly – Group Fitness

You love people and being around others fuels your motivation to workout. If you haven’t exercised in a while, try taking a basic Body Pump or Cardio class. Take a friend or meet someone new in the class! For those who are advanced exercisers, consider trying CrossFit. The workouts are intense, but the social support from the class and instructors will keep you coming back!

Homebody – DVD’s or at Home workouts

There are tons of reasons for working out at home. Whether you don’t like the gym atmosphere or need to save time and money, there are several options for home exercisers. If you need a challenge, consider purchasing a weekly series of workouts like T25 or Insanity. For a free option, check out Fitness Blender of BeFit on YouTube. These channels offer free workouts for all fitness levels. These are perfect for daily use or on vacation when you do not have access to the gym.

There are hundreds of ways to workout. Take your time and try out a bunch of random workouts you could never see yourself doing. Once you find something you love, stick with it!

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Megan is a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer in the Baltimore area. Her mission is to connect people with nutrition and fitness information that makes sense – information that is reliable, realistic, and fun.

 Megan Solloway, RD, LDN, CPT

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