Maximize your Recovery After Injury

Any athlete, professional or recreational, knows one bad twist or bend can put them out of their favorite activity for months. It’s easy to push off appointments and assume time will heal any nagging pain. If you are still in pain after a week or two, book an appointment with an orthopedist or physical therapist […]

Optimize your Workday with Deskercise

Sitting all day can be a real pain in the rear end – literally. After 9 hours at a desk everything starts to hurt, including your brain. Stepping away from the computer recharges your brain and reduces muscle strain. Reducing muscle strain can boost your mood and power you through that proposal due tomorrow. Whether […]

Lose Weight (Without Losing your Mind) – Top Tips from a Registered Dietitian

These days, it seems like every magazine headline is screaming “Lose Weight – FAST” or claims to have the secret to weight loss. But if weight loss, was as effortless as it appears in the magazines, would anyone have a weight problem? Truth is weight loss is relatively easy. Keeping the weight off is the […]