Slow your Roll – Tempo Training for Newbie Lifters

When you’re new to the bodybuilding arena, it can be tempting to lift all the weight, all at once. When your form is all over the place, your risk for injury increases and your muscle gains suffer in the process. Slowing down the tempo, or how quickly you lift a weight, increases muscle tension. Increasing […]

Discover your Exercise Soulmate

Exercise is important for maintaining both mental and physical health. Even though most people know the importance exercise, up to 73% of people who start an exercise plan do not stick to it. Several studies indicate that enjoying exercise is a primary factor to actually sticking to an exercise plan. If you can’t stick to […]

Compound Exercises vs Isolation Exercises

Your selection of the exercises within your workout routine can be a direct determining factor in whether you are successful or not. The exercises themselves shape your muscles, make up your body shape, and ultimately lead to you hitting goals that you want to hit. How do you make sure you choose the right kind […]