Should You Be Using Free Weights or Machines?

  The first thing you’re going to notice when walking into any gym or fitness center, is more than likely the abundance of workout equipment. There will be lines of cardio equipment, plenty of free weights, and probably plenty of machines and pulley systems. You will see some people jumping from machine to machine without […]

Treadmill vs Elliptical vs Cycle

When it comes to the gym with cardio equipment, they seem to be plenty well equipped. Almost every gym has a ton of treadmills, multiple elliptical machines, and plenty of stationary bicycles. You’re thinking they all make you breath hard and all make your heart pump, so they all must be the same, right? Mmm […]

Wide Grip Bench Press or Narrow Grip Bench Press

Maybe the one exercise that even Star Wars nerds and their brothers have heard of. The one exercise that a lot of new beginners think is the measure of their strength. Possibly the first ever exercise that a lot of us performed when walking into a gym for the first time, because we didn’t know […]