Which Workout Equipment Is Best for You?

Most of us have set pretty hefty, but achievable goals with our fitness. If you haven’t, that’s okay! As long as you have made the decision to start, then you are way ahead of most people.

Whether you have specific goals or whether you are just starting and trying everything though, you have to have a starting point! You have a gym there full of equipment, but where do you begin, in order to get the exact body that you are picturing yourself having?

I’m glad you asked, because I’m about to help you figure it out!

Many people have many different fitness goals, however there are general goals that most of these smaller goals fall under:

Aesthetics (looking good naked) – Aesthetics is considered more of an art than a science, because of everyone having such different factors that affect them. However, a general rule of thumb with aesthetics is you will want to be switching it up on your body pretty often. Different exercises for different body parts, different workout variations, etc. Do this as often as possible. A popular way of doing it is cycling through different workouts. For example, you could do chest workout A on week 1, chest workout B on week 2, chest workout C on week 3, and then start over at workout A on week 4 and keep cycling. This is for the reason of not wanting your body to get used to anything, which results in a plateau. I cannot think of a single piece of equipment that is off limits to someone looking to reach a “Hercules like” figure. Workouts will change but a good starting point will be 3:1 ratio of compound movements: isolation movements, with some cardio thrown in anywhere from 0x week to 7-8x week, depending on your fat loss need.

Fat Loss – Fat loss may fall under the category of wanting to look good naked, but it is a separate animal all on its own. Keep in mind that it takes around 3500 calories burned to lose a single pound of fat. Cardio burns more calories during sessions, but weightlifting regimens burn significantly more calories post session for about 36 hours. Therefore, weightlifting is going to be super important in your fat loss journey. Just as important as your cardio. A good starting point for your fat loss workouts would be 50 percent weightlifting, 50 percent cardio. Almost all of your weightlifting at this point should be compound movements with the exception of small muscle work like bicep work, calf work, etc. This will burn more calories and release more growth hormone which will supplement your fat loss even that much more. Cardio should be performed daily to keep calories burning.

Strength/Athletic Performance Two Words; Heavy. Weight. Lifting heavy and constantly challenging your muscles is going to be essential to getting stronger. You need to be highly incorporating what strength trainers call “The Big Four”. These 4 are bench press, squat, shoulder press, and deadlifts. If you don’t want to do these and other compound movements, you can forget it. Compound movements + Heavy Weight = Serious strength. Period. Use barbells instead of dumbbells, keep a log to keep up with lifts, and keep it simple. Do this and you will become a powerhouse in no time.

Now that you know exactly what you need to be doing, plan some workouts around it, and go dominate those goals you have!

Article by Fitness Expert Zack Simpson

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