Best Sleeping Position For Digestion

Sleep is an integral part of our life. It helps to recover psychologically and physically. And a lot depends on the sleeping position we rest in. Therefore, it is worth sorting out which side is better to sleep on. There is no point to go again highlighting the importance of sleep, everyone already knows the numerous benefits of getting enough sleep.

When you are working out in the gym or taking yoga classes, it is incredibly important that someone watch you and help you to perform the exercise as the correct technique and exercise poses are the key. If you do not follow it, there is a big chance of you getting potential injuries after performing exercise in the wrong way. This is also true when it comes to your sleeping regime and poses. The sleeping position you choose is vital to your health and wellbeing.

While everyone knows that sleep is beneficial, not everyone knows that while you do get most of the benefits from some sleeping positions, others actually can have a negative impact on your health. If you sleep in the wrong position, you will not be rested even if you sleep for 8 and more hours.

Digestion and sleep are tightly correlated. Digestion problems are causing a lot of people troubles, they are ugly and painful to be dealing with. And it is especially true when you are sleeping. No one wants to wake up feeling bloated and constipated, having acid reflux or any other issues related to bad digestion. However, there is a relatively easy way out, to avoid all these issues, you need to learn that some sleeping positions will give you a chance to have a proper rest and will prevent digestion problems.

So what is the best sleeping position for digestion? And what is the healthiest way to sleep?

Sleep on your left side!

A number of health benefits are associated with the side you are sleeping in. Scientists and medical doctors publish findings that sleeping on your left side is the most appropriate position to promote healthy digestion. Sleeping on your left side has number of benefits, with one of them is helpful in reducing or preventing heartburn. And similarly, sleeping on your right is creating more discomfort due to increasing heartburn which prevents you to sleep and get rest.

If you have trouble staying on your left side all night, take into account the following trick – you can use a pillow to support yourself and prevent you from rolling over. This will allow you to sleep most of the time on the left side, therefore you will be to enjoy all the benefits of left-side sleeping.

Why is it better to sleep on your left side? The benefits do not end with reducing heartburn. Sleeping on your left side helps to promote the coordination between gravity and your digestion system. If you have a basic understanding of digestive system, the waste moves from the small intestine to large on, and also the lower colon starts from right to left. Therefore by sleeping on the left side you speed up the digestion process which is likely to end up with you waking up with bowel movement.

Elevate your head

At the point when you eat too much food before going to bed may cause building heartburn. Acid refluxes can be discomforting and totally eager. They don’t permit you to discover harmony regardless of how enthusiastically you attempt to expect them. Heartburn is one of the often reason why people cannot get proper rest. In the event that conceivable, it is advised to abstain from eating, at any rate, two hours before sleep time.

Notwithstanding, for the situation where you couldn’t abstain from eating late, you don’t need to stress over indigestion as well. At the point when you elevate your head somewhere in the range of 6 and 9 inches, you are probably going to encourage appropriate assimilation and improve digestion as well.

Indigestion occurs because of stomach corrosive streaming into the throat. At the point when you raise your head, you limit this stream because of gravity law subsequently wipe out the conceivable outcomes of managing the inconvenience and torment related to the condition.

Have a pillow between your legs

If you sleep on the left and have your head elevated on the pillow but still have discomfort while sleeping try placing a pillow between your legs. The reason why you still might feel discomfort can be caused by a strained neck or misaligned spine when you bend your knees in a particular position.

People tend to bend their knees when they are sleeping, and it is impossible for you to control it in sleep. However, it is important to find a way how to ensure that you sleep in a neutral position for your spine to enjoy a peaceful sleep – and the pillow between your legs might just be an answer. It helps to prevent discomfort and improves your neck position hence bringing you exceptional comfort. And as a result, you will have smooth digestion and will wake up rested the next day.


Eating is important as we all love to do so. However, it is important to make sure that our body gets enough rest each day. Sleeping position is vital in achieving this as well as trying to reduce the food intake in the last 1-2 hours before we go to bed. It has been argued that the best sleeping position for constipation relief is sleeping on your left with your head elevated.

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