Calories in Cider Vs Beer

The number of calories in a bottle of beer, as well as cider, depends on 2 things – the amount of sugar and alcohol. And while the alcohol levels are similar for beer and cider, the sugar level differs due to the fact that cider is traditionally made from apples and pears which have high sugar content. However, if you consider the dry cider, the number of calories will be similar for both beer and dry cider.

Apple Cider – what is it?

Apple cider is a drink with a low alcohol content, which is obtained by natural fermentation. Yeast is not used for this purpose.

Apples are cleaned from stalks and rotten parts, then passed through a meat grinder or industrial shredder. Since the aromatic and taste qualities of the future cider largely depend on the skin, it is sought to preserve.

After preliminary preparation, the fruit is pressed using a membrane press and subjected to fermentation with further maturation. The entire process usually takes from six months to a year.

In addition to the fruit pulp, along with the juice squeezed out of the fruit, various additives in the form of sugar and spices are used to make cider.

Calories in apple cider

The caloric content is low and comparable to many diet drinks. The exact figure varies depending on the sugar content and is 47 to 119 kcal per 100 g.

What are the benefits of cider?

The drink contains phenolic compounds (tannins), thanks to which the digestive system is normalized.

A drink prepared according to a traditional recipe has a number of compounds in its composition, each of which has health benefits

Cider Vs Beer – benefits:

The benefits of Apple cider depend on polyphenols – plant antioxidants that protect the cells of the human body from oxidative stress. But when scientists from the University of Glasgow compared two types of cider with the same production method, a variation in the concentration of polyphenols was found. Probably, the reason is the use of different varieties of apples.

Another advantage of beer is its low carbohydrate content since cider is much sweeter (it contains between 15 g and 23 g of sugar, depending on the apples used).

Any of these drinks can be good for health, but only if consumed in moderation. It is up tp you to choose which one is better.


To sum up – giving you the answers to the most frequent questions:

  • How many calories in a bottle of beer? There are around 130 calories in 330ml bottle of 5% lager.
  • How many calories in hard cider? The approximately same amount (120-130) per 330ml bottle.
  • Which beer has the most calories? Some lagers have more than 160 kcal, as well as Guiness and some IPAs


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