Coconut Yogurt Health Benefits

Yogurt’s been a favorite breakfast option for millions of people all over the world, whether plain or with granola and fruits. Yogurt is a slightly fermented food filled with healthy bacteria. However, until some time ago, maybe 10 years, the only yogurt available on the market was the one made from traditional cows milk. However, as there is a global trend of switching to plant substitutes, there was an increase in demand for a dairy free yogurt with probiotics. Like other fermented food, there is coconut yogurt that is good for your health and your gut.

What is coconut yogurt?

Coconut yogurt is made from fermented coconut milk. Coconut milk is a great dairy-free alternative for everyone who is lactose intolerant or following either vegan or paleo diet. It is also a great substitute to other plant-based products like soya milk, as quite a lot of people can be soy intolerant as well. Coconut yogurt is naturally sweet and creamy, so you will not need to add any sweeteners, and it is lactose and casein free. You can either make it at home or buy it in a supermarket. However, be careful and check labels tho ensure that it is made only from coconut milk without adding a traditional one. Also, make sure you understand the difference between coconut yogurt and coconut flavor traditional yogurt.

Benefits of coconut milk yogurt

Coconut yogurt is a healthy alternative to store-bought yogurts with sugar, lactose, and casein. It has tremendous benefits for the body:

  • strengthen immune system;
  • improves digestion processes;
  • speeds up metabolism;
  • reduces cravings for sweets;
  • cleanses the endocrine system;
  • source of minerals and vitamins.

Coconut yogurt nutrition facts

In 1 cup of unsweetened coconut milk yogurt, there are

  • Calories: 110.
  • Fat: 7g.
  • Sodium: 45mg.
  • Carbohydrates: 10g.
  • Fiber: 3g.
  • Sugars: <1g.
  • Protein: <1g.

Recipe for coconut yogurt at home

It is very easy to prepare such a yogurt – you need coconut milk without additives, only coconut and water, and probiotic. There are nuances here – when using probiotic capsules, which we take as a Supplement, the result may be different, and not always suitable. For a stable and desired result, I recommend using a specific probiotic for yogurt: vegan or regular, good quality firm. Regular sourdough will contain a small amount of lactose, if this is not critical for you, then feel free to use it (the percentage of lactose in the final product is about 0.05%). There was no difference in use or taste.

Pour the coconut milk into a saucepan, bring it to 37-40 C (it feels comfortable, but feels warm), stirring. Remove from the stove. Pour out the bag with sourdough, stir. Pour into convenient jars-150-250 gr. Leave it in a warm place for 24 hours. After that you can store it in the fridge for up to 5 days.

To sum it up, is coconut yogurt healthy? If it is made at home without any additives, it definitely is. It is an amazing alternative for all the people who are excluding dairy from their life, and is a great breakfast option.

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