Does Pineapple Burn Belly Fat?

Among the fat-burning products, there are many exotic fruits. Nutritionists do not advise to lean on them, despite all the benefits for weight loss, since the digestive tract of the European person is not adapted to them. Hence the ambiguous reaction of the body to the use of some tropical fruit in the form of nausea, stomach discomfort, or diarrhea. And yet there is one among them that is recommended to everyone who wants to get rid of extra pounds – pineapple.

Pineapples for weight loss are considered to be the best fruits, because it has a pleasant taste, it contains a large amount of dietary fiber and vitamins necessary for the body. According to some studies, pineapples contain substances that promote intense fat burning, which makes it an even more attractive product for dietary purposes. In addition to ingestion in fresh form, tablets, and teas, pineapple can be used externally as part of various masks for wraps and massage.

How is pineapple good for diet – mechanism.

Pineapple actually contributes to weight loss due to the following characteristics:

  • Pineapple calories (only 52 kcal per 100 g);
  • Breaks down fat;
  • Improves digestion;
  • Removes excess fluid from tissues;
  • activates metabolic processes, especially beneficial for carbohydrate metabolism;
  • It is an antidepressant, thanks to a tryptamine-a neurotransmitter that increases the synthesis of serotonin (the joy hormone), eliminating the main cause of excess weight (stress and cortisol);
  • Removes toxins;
  • It gives you energy and strength, which is especially valuable for athletes — recharge your energy before training to improve its effectiveness and burn as many calories as possible.

Special characteristics

Breaks down proteins

Pineapple breaks down not only fats but also proteins. On the one hand, it is good if you eat it with protein products, it speeds up their digestion, preventing heaviness in the stomach and accumulation of harmful ketones in it. On the other hand, in the absence of physical activity when losing weight, it will help the body to expend muscle fibers to extract the necessary energy. To avoid this, it is recommended to supplement the pineapple diet with sports.

High Glycemic Index

The glycemic index of pineapple is 65 units. This suggests that it provokes a sharp jump in insulin in the blood and saturates for a short time. Because of this indicator, it is on the list of prohibited products for the Montignac diet. Taking into account the increased level of sugars in its composition, nutritionists advise not to abuse it.

Increases appetite

The third nuance of using pineapple in weight loss programs is its ability to increase the level of acid in the stomach. This is also a double-edged sword: on the one hand, it speeds up the process of digesting food, and on the other — it awakens the appetite. Avoid this unpleasant moment will allow the use of fruit in small quantities at 1 time.

What are the pineapple benefits?

Its benefits do not end with its ability to burn fat and help in weight loss. This exotic fruit has the most positive effect on health:

  • strengthens connective tissues and bones, reducing their density and preventing osteoporosis;
  • improve vision;
  • prevents the development of cancer;
  • reduces blood viscosity, preventing thrombosis;
  • it normalizes blood pressure, controls cholesterol levels, and reduces the risk of heart disease;
  • activates the brain, increases mental abilities;
  • relieves cough;
  • helps with insomnia;
  • strengthen immunity;
  • eliminates the discomfort in the stomach

Pineapple is so good for health because it is a source of many nutrients:

  • amino acids;
  • celluloses;
  • sucrose;
  • phytosterols;
  • saturated and unsaturated fatty acids;
  • citric and oxalic acids;
  • vitamins: A, C, almost all group B;
  • minerals: potassium, manganese (75% of the daily value), iron, silicon, copper, rubidium, calcium, zinc, Nickel, iodine, cobalt, chromium, strontium (although this is quite a toxic substance), vanadium.

86% of pineapple flesh is water.

Pineapple bromelain.

Special attention should be paid to one of the most interesting substances in pineapple — bromelain. This is a proteolytic enzyme, the existence of which was discovered not so long ago, and now numerous studies are being conducted to find out its properties. But what has been revealed so far is impressive. It has the most positive effect on the body:

  • it has anti-inflammatory properties;
  • it is a muscle relaxant;
  • improves digestion: increases the secretion of gastric juice;
  • accelerates metabolic processes;
  • whiten teeth;
  • it kills cancer cells, so pineapple is recommended to include in the diet of cancer patients;
    and the most important thing for those who want to lose weight is that it has such a powerful fat-burning effect.

The highest concentration of bromelain is in the core of fresh ripe fruit. But during heat treatment and preservation, it evaporates.

Pineapple diet weight loss.

Fasting day

During the day, you need to eat 1 kg of pineapple, divided into 5-6 portions. The classic version does not allow you to eat anything else, but the variety of permitted beverages will not allow you to starve: green tea, pineapple juice, chicory, decoctions of herbs (especially rosehip), mineral water without gas.

If desired, to block the corrosive effect of acids, the amount of fruit consumed during the fasting day can be reduced to 500 g, but it can be supplemented with other dietary products:

500 g of boiled chicken breast (without salt and skin);
300 g of low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt;
4 green apples;
500 g of any fresh vegetables.

To cleanse the body, such fasting days can be arranged once every 2-3 weeks. For weight loss-once a week on the background of any diet.

Pineapple diet

Mono diets on pineapple are prohibited, since the use of this fruit exclusively in large quantities for a long time can lead to a burn of the stomach mucosa, severe heartburn, and in the future is fraught with ulcers.

Therefore, pineapple acts as the main product but is supplemented with other low-calorie products. Depending on this, there are several diet options:

  • grapefruit;
  • protein (adding chicken breast, low-fat varieties of fish, seafood);
  • vegetarian (use of products of plant origin only);
  • fruit (only fruit is allowed);

Terms can be different: from 3 days (severe hunger strike) to 1 month (the most sparing option). The result will also depend on the duration: for 3 days — 3 kg, for a month — about 10 kg (provided that all the principles of the diet are clearly observed).

The rules are the same as for any other diet:

the restriction of daily calories;
the rejection of harmful products;
abundant drinking regime (up to 2 liters of plain water daily);
fractional nutrition;
increased motor activity, sports;
full sleep;
the absence of serious emotional stress to prevent stress.

Pineapple juice benefits weight loss

Pineapple juice will allow you to lose weight quickly and for sure. This is due not only to the low-calorie content of the juice – only 50 kcal per 100 grams of juice but also to the unusual properties of the pineapple itself. Nutritionists all over the world prefer to use pineapple for a steady reduction of excess weight. This preference of nutritionists is due to the serotonin contained in pineapple, which helps reduce hunger.

Pineapple also contains bromelain, a fat-burning substance. Also, pineapple juice, like tomato juice, has diuretic properties, which allows you to speed up the metabolic processes in the body, as well as to remove unnecessary waste products. Among other things, pineapple juice will allow you to adjust the work of the intestines, relieve you from constipation and bloating, relieve the puffiness of soft tissues, reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood.

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