How To Lose Weight Without Losing Boobs

As a rule, women are aware that they have accumulated enough extra pounds. However, they do not rush to start dieting for several reasons, and one of them is losing their attractive appearance in the chest area.  When they do realize that it is time to lose weight, the first question arises: “How to lose weight without losing your boobs?” Indeed, getting over the weight problem usually affects the size and appearance of the breast. However, if you know a few tricks, the “weight Loss” operation can be performed with minimal losses on the “frontline”. If you follow these tips you will get a better result of keeping your breast as perky as you can while following the diet.

Why does losing weight cause a reduction in breast size?

Fat layer

It is believed that it is fat that gives the breast an appetizing volume, and this is true, but not all of it.

The fat layer is a non-removable part of the anatomy of the female breast. “Fat” surrounds the main functional part of the breast, the mammary gland itself, serving as protection from injury and temperature changes, as well as a certain resource of nutrients in case a woman eats poorly, and she needs to carry and feed a child.

According to the general physique of a woman, it is impossible to draw conclusions about the amount of fat in her chest: there is also a” fat-free ” bust in large ladies, and with a “thick layer of fat” — in thin ones. Breast size is also not an indicator of it, often a large breast makes an abundance of glandular tissue. The volume and thickness of the fat layer of each specific female breast is a matter of genetics, not lifestyle or weight.

This means that those of us who are doomed by heredity to a large amount of adipose tissue in it, as well as women whose age is approaching forty or has passed this mark, are at greater risk of losing weight and losing their breasts. During menopause, a woman’s anatomy undergoes a number of changes and glandular tissue gives way to fat in any case, even if initially there was almost no fat in the breast. Accordingly, a noticeable weight loss after forty is almost guaranteed to turn the breast into “pancakes” – there is simply nothing to fill it with.

Cooper’s Ligaments

Cooper’s ligaments are an inconspicuous and even unknown to many, but extremely important organs. It is responsible for the shape and tone of the breast, as well as its ability to resist the efforts of the hostess aimed at fighting excess weight. These are thin strips of connective tissue that run through the chest from the inside and are attached to the skin in its deep layers. It is because of the stretching of the Cooper’s ligaments that the chest sags in the process of losing weight or with age. Accordingly, if the bust is lush, then the load on the ligaments is greater, and the deplorable result of their stretching is more obvious.

Ligaments are elastic enough, but they can be easily deformed, and the most dangerous in this regard are running and cardio exercises that make the chest bounce merrily. The main and saddest fact to know about Cooper’s ligaments is their inability to recover. Therefore, if you want to lose weight and not lose your Breast, it is worth grooming and cherishing Cooper’s ligaments from a young age, without neglecting high-quality supportive underwear, even if the breast looks much more tempting without it. And in the gym, a special bra that gently but surely fixes the bust, leaving it no freedom of movement, is as mandatory an item as stylish sneakers!

Skin and muscle condition.

There are no muscles in the breast itself, but ‘on the other side’ of the breast is a large pectoral muscle, to which the hemispheres of the bust are attached. Around it, there are several smaller, but extremely important parts of the musculature: the anterior dentate muscle under the chest on the ribs, the adjacent lateral part of the broadest back muscle, the beak muscle and the biceps muscle of the shoulder, which support the chest from the armpit and forearm. The entire pectoral muscle is also known as the pectoralis major.

The information that women’s Breasts can be enlarged with the help of strength exercises is a myth: if you are interested in this kind of” correction”, you are more likely to get not a beautiful cleavage, but a torso like that of Conan the barbarian. However, it is not necessary to completely launch the muscles surrounding the chest in any case — they play the role of a” natural bra ” that provides support.

The skin condition also affects the appearance of the breast. Therefore, lack of physical activity (not only and not so much fitness, but Pilates, yoga, stretching practices are important here), care errors, as well as a diet that does not have enough protein necessary for both the muscles and the epidermis, only worsen the situation and aggravate the suffering position of the breast in the process of weight loss

How to lose weight and save as much of breast size as possible?

Diet is the first and main measure that accompanies the implementation of any intention to get rid of excess weight. But be prepared: just as there are no nutrition plans that allow you to “point” to affect the bulging belly or lose weight in the face, so it is impossible to lose weight and save your breasts by refusing some food, or, on the contrary, using special products.

However, there are general rules. The main thing is to avoid all kinds of fast diets, including in the format of fasting days, both in a one-time and global perspective.

Do not reduce the usual nutritional value of the diet sharply. Experts consider a diet based on products based on the glycemic index to be a” soft ” way to put weight in order, without condemning yourself to hunger and dramatic changes in lifestyle and appearance. It honestly does not promise instant results, but it will provide you with everything you need, allowing you to keep enough strength for sports and, most importantly, changing erroneous eating habits that led to the appearance of excess weight, and reducing the craving for sweets.

A proper diet that allows you to lose weight and keep your breast size, must contain protein (necessary for strengthening muscles and producing collagen in the skin), healthy fats (take care of the health of cell membranes and tissue elasticity) and sufficient water (important for lymphatic drainage and fresh skin).

Action Plan

  • If the volume of your breast is given mainly by adipose tissue, rather than glandular, accept that the changes will not pass. In extreme cases, do not lose weight.
  • The transition to a healthy diet for weight loss is accompanied by a set of exercises that take into account the “weak point” – the chest.
  • Do not work hard on the treadmill and in classes involving jumps (including kickboxing), especially if nature has rewarded you with a voluminous “front”, and for warming up, it is better to pay attention to stretching and dynamic yoga asanas — they will spare the tender Cooper’s ligaments and improve blood supply to the muscles, which means that they will improve the elasticity of tissues. Also good for you will be climbing, training on an ellipse, a Bicycle.
  • Try not to abuse the exercises “face down” (plank, push-ups), especially if you are richly gifted in terms of the chest.
  • Pay sufficient, but not excessive, attention to the pectorals: their job is to ensure that the breasts of a thinning body have a sufficient supply of muscle strength. The trainer will help you choose an individual program and avoid mistakes in technique. If you intend to work at home, pay attention to the set of exercises for the chest, which Olympic champion Alexandra Patskevich prepared especially for readers
  • During sports, be sure to wear a high-quality chest-fixing special sconce, selected by size (the chest should not be squeezed), and in “normal” life, also do not skimp on underwear with good support.

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