Post Workout Shake Recipe

What Post Workout Shake is The Best?

The amount of protein that a person should consume with food, provided that they regularly workout, is 1.4 g per kilogram of weight. Professional athletes and people who are engaged in hard physical labor should increase this volume by another half. This may seem strange to many, but protein food contributes to both weight loss and simultaneously building muscle mass. Therefore, protein shakes will be useful for those people who want to get rid of extra pounds, and those who go to training just to “pump up”. We will tell you in detail about how to prepare them in our article

Protein shake: drink before or after a workout?

The question that still remains controversial: when to drink a protein shake? The use of an energy drink is allowed for a couple of hours before the start of an intensive workout or for 30-60 minutes after it ends. And it is even better to take half an hour before the start of training a complex of amino acids, from which the body will receive energy during exercise, and not destroy muscle mass. Drinking a cocktail after a workout is just necessary for recuperation. At this time, the depleted body best absorbs nutrients, which ensures the use of protein drinks.

High-protein cocktails.

Most professional athletes prefer to use whey protein when preparing post-workout cocktails. You can also add protein when making homemade drinks, thereby increasing their nutritional and energy value.

The post-workout cocktail for muscle growth, prepared according to the following recipe, contains almost 132 g of protein in 1400 ml of the product. If you take into account the fact that only 40 g of protein is digested at a time and it is difficult to drink almost a liter and a half of liquid at once, it is desirable to divide the resulting volume into 3 doses, every 2 hours. To prepare a cocktail with high protein content and the addition of whey protein, you need to combine only six ingredients in the blender bowl. This is skimmed milk (400 ml), 2 cups of skimmed cottage cheese, 4 scoops of canned protein (16 g of protein in each spoon), a couple of tablespoons of Greek yogurt, raspberries (100 g) and a banana for flavor. You can skip adding powdered protein to the cocktail, then the protein content in it will be about 64 g, which is also quite good.

Shake with eggs and honey.

Some athletes prefer to consume egg shakes after training as an alternative to milk and sour milk protein drinks. This is due to the fact that egg protein is digested much faster than milk, which means that the recovery of strength and muscle building will occur faster. There is no consensus on the correctness of this statement, so these two types of the cocktail can be safely substituted or alternated. To prepare an egg cocktail after training, you need to:

  1. Hard-Boil 5 chicken eggs, cool them in cold water, and peel them from the shell.
  2. In a glass of a blender, pour 200 ml of milk, 1 whole egg and 4 whites from the rest. For taste, a teaspoon of liquid honey is added to the cocktail.
  3. All the ingredients are carefully whipped, after which the drink can be considered ready for use. This nutritious cocktail contains 30 g of protein, 10 g of fat and 10 g of carbohydrates.

Quick protein shake with cottage cheese

Most people prefer to prepare protein shakes based on dairy products after training. Milk, kefir, cottage cheese contain a sufficient amount of building protein in the composition. And this is just what you need to stimulate muscle growth after exhausting physical exercise.

The simplest protein shake after a workout can be made with just three ingredients. To do this, carefully whisk milk (250 ml), cottage cheese (100 g) and a ripe banana in the bowl of a blender. As a result of simple actions, you can prepare a healthy and nutritious cocktail in a few minutes. By the way, all the ingredients should be selected with a minimum percentage of fat.

An even more nutritious protein shake can be prepared if you replace one of the ingredients in it (a banana) with cocoa powder. As a result of intensive whipping in the blender bowl, a delicious and nutritious chocolate drink is obtained. To prepare a cocktail after training at home, you need to whisk 100 g of cottage cheese in a blender, a glass of skimmed milk and a tablespoon of high-quality cocoa in the form of powder. The protein content of this drink is 28 g, fat – 4 g, and carbohydrates – 9 g.

Natural protein shake with a banana.

For accelerated growth of muscle mass after training, many athletes prefer to have the following shake:

  1. Pour 220 ml of milk with the lowest percentage of fat in the bowl of a stationary blender.
  2. Add 50 g of low-fat cottage cheese and the white of a hard-boiled egg.
  3. Last of all, honey (1 tablespoon), banana and olive oil (1 teaspoon) are added to other ingredients.
  4. All the ingredients are carefully whipped, and then the drink is poured into a glass

This post workout drink should be prepared immediately after training and consumed no later than 45 minutes after their end.

Spicy post workout shake

The next shake is famous for its main unusual ingredient – which is paprika! Paprika is useful for the content of biologically active substances that positively affect the circulatory system, thinning the blood and preventing the formation of blood clots. In addition, paprika accelerates the absorption of useful substances. Au unusual shake after training with burning paprika is prepared in the following sequence:

  1. 200 ml of water is poured into the bowl of a blender.
  2. Top with 400 g of low-fat cottage cheese.
  3. Last,  add a teaspoon of ground red paprika.
  4. All the ingredients are whipped until a homogeneous, moderately thick mass is obtained.

The spicy shake is ready. It can be consumed both after training and during the day.

Oatmeal shake with apples

Almost 800 ml of a high protein cocktail can be obtained by preparing it according to the following recipe:

  1. Oatmeal (100 g) is filled with water for 10 minutes so that it swells well.
  2. Apples (2) are peeled from the core. The skin can be left, as it is an additional source of fiber.
  3. Prepare 200 g of low-fat cottage cheese.
  4. Now all the prepared ingredients (oatmeal, cottage cheese and apples) are loaded into the bowl of a blender and carefully whipped until uniform consistency.

Protein shake after training with oatmeal contains 45 g of protein, 110 g of carbohydrates and 7 g of fat. It can be drunk in 2 times. The first time – half an hour after training, and the second – with the next meal in 2-3 hours.

Post workout shake for weight loss

The following 2 cocktail recipes not only help you lose weight after working out in the gym, but also have a positive effect on the entire digestive system. This is explained by the presence of fermented milk products in the composition as well as the high fiber content.

  1. A blender is filled with 300 ml of coconut milk (you can replace the usual with a low percentage of fat), kefir or low-fat yogurt (200 ml), a tablespoon of liquid honey, and kiwi peeled and cut into small pieces. Then all the ingredients are carefully whipped until a uniform consistency is obtained. The protein content in this cocktail is 21 g, fat-17 g, carbohydrates-10 g.
  2. Using a blender, fresh raspberries (150 g) are crushed to a puree in a deep glass. Then the berry mass is filled with milk and low-fat yogurt (200 ml each). The ingredients are once again well whipped, after which the cocktail can be poured into glasses. The content of protein in it is 17 g, fat-6 g, carbohydrates-24 g

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